Erectile Dysfunction Prevention

by Darin Arnett on February 08, 2012


Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Advice

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

- The inability to get erections when asleep, or waking up.
- Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus (that causes nerve issues).

How can I prevent myself from getting erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction prevention isn't difficult. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, make sure your brain and heart work together by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Take a look at the list below as to what may be causing your erectile dysfunction problems:

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

- Drugs.
- Neurogenic Disorders.
- Psychological Causes (anxiety, stress, depression, schizophrenia etc.).
- Ageing.
- Smoking.
- Diseases such as diabetes.
- Lack of exercise and poor diet.
- Surgery (radiation therapy, prostate or bowel cancer treatment).

Erectile Dysfunction cure:

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