THK Hair Loss Remedy 60 Capsules

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THK Hair Loss Remedy 60 capsules

We believe that the problem of hair loss is one of the most distressing self esteme related experiences many people face.  Whether male or female, your hair is one of the defining first impressions you'll make. That is why our team of PhDs and chemists have developed  THK Hair Loss Remedy.  Formulated with natural herbal ingredients, THK Hair Loss Remedy is a nutritional supplement designed to boost your intake of nutrients vital to hair growth, to help preserve the hair you have while encouraging new hair growth.

Reported recently in the Telegraph....

Balding men offered hope of waking their 'sleeping' hair

“Have discovered that hair follicles in people who are balding are trapped in a "sleeping" state and are now developing a new treatment to combat baldness.”

He said: "Hair follicles exist in two stable states – either an active state or a dormant state. From time to time, they will jump from one state to another.

"Some of the follicles are just resting in the dormant state and are waiting for the right signal to make new hair. They are in a latency period. If you can reduce this latency period, you will have more hair.

We have been saying this for years; in fact we developed THK Hair Loss Remedy because we knew this to be true.

Dermatologist used to inform us that products don’t work and that nothing can be done to stop or even slow down hair loss.

We disagree.

We have formulated a product that helps prevent the hairline receding as well as encouraging new hair growth.

THK Hair Loss Remedy is a hair growth product based entirely on the reactivation of hair cells just below the scalp a process that restores hair naturally.